What happens on Sunday?

We understand that visiting a new church can be intimidating! From meeting new people, getting the lay of the land and of course finding the donut and coffee table. We hope this information helps you feel more comfortable. 

The Time

We have two services to choose from. Both our 9:00am and 10:30am services are the same style. Our children’s church and nurseries are only available at the 10:30 service time. 

The Location

We are located at 1311 Lewis River Road in Woodland, WA. We have two ways to enter. One entrance is located just next to the doors of Grocery Outlet. The other entrance is behind the Grocery outlet building where there is a more private parking lot. Greeters will be located at both entrances and will be happy to direct you where to go.

The Lobby

When you enter the building, you'll first reach the lobby. In the lobby are a few important things to make a note of. 

First the tables full of donuts and coffee are there to be enjoyed by everyone so help yourself! You are welcome to bring those items with you into service. 

Kid's check-in station. There you will get all the information for our children’s ministries for children birth - 6th grade. 

Enjoy our family room located just off of the lobby. While we are not bothered by wiggly children in the service we understand you may prefer a more relaxed environment if you choose to keep your children with you during the service time. 

Please stop by the welcome table to get more information about what is coming up in our various ministries. 

Bathrooms can be found just off of the lobby near the kids check in. 

The Service

We begin each service with Worship! Our music teams are made up of rotating volunteers and each leader brings their own unique style. 

Next, everyone will be invited to greet others around them. If you are new, feel free to stay where you are and let others come to you! We wrap up this time with a couple announcements and then the Offering. Those who consider Grace Community Church to be their home give financially to help continue God's work in our community.

Next, The pastor will bring our message. A note sheet, to help you follow along, will often be given to you when you enter the building. 

We wrap up every service with a song and then are dismissed to the lobby. Feel free to spend some time getting to know others, enjoy some more coffee and donuts or chat with a Pastor!