Welcome Families!
Kids of G.R.A.C.E.
To Reach, Teach, and Keep Kids for Christ
The Children’s Ministry at Grace Community Church is called “Kids of G.R.A.C.E.”  
Our Children’s Ministry exists to REACH children in our community for Christ.  Helping them to GROW in their relationship with Jesus and teaching them to ADORE God, ENCOURAGE each other, and SERVE others.
G rowing our relationship with Jesus Christ.  (Discipleship)
R eaching the children of our community for Jesus Christ (Evangelism)
A doring and worshiping God (Worship)
C aring for and serving others (Service)
E ncouraging and building each other up (Fellowship)
Children and families are an integral part of our church family.  

We have great programs just for kids:
Sunday Mornings for nursery through 5th grade.

We have awesome programs for whole families: 
Friday Family Nights
Special Holiday Events
Working together we can help our children grow into young adults committed to Jesus Christ—equipped to meet the challenges their generation faces and be leaders for the Kingdom.
5 Faith Skills  (HIGH 5)
There are 5 faith skills we want every kid to master.  In age-appropriate ways, we begin to introduce these skills in preschool and provide resources to help parents continue at home. 
1. Navigate the Bible (survey and locate)
2. Personalize Scripture (memorize and apply)
3. Dialogue with God (public and private)
4. Articulate Faith (share and defend)  
5. Worship with Your Life (praise, give, serve)


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